Our aim:Honesty,Small Profits,more righteousness.Our impetus:develop company by science,development and innovation,persist in talented person,advanced technology equipment....... 


Zhuzhou Goldrill Drilling Tools Machinery Co.,Ltd established in 2006.It is a professional manufacturer of mining drilling and engineering tools with high quality rock drilling products and high quality raw material, utilizing advanced craft technology and imposing strict quality inspection,produced high performance and stable quality DTH Hammer,DTH drill bits,Overburden Drilling,Pick Cutter Bits,Knife shaped Bits,Shield Tunneling Tool,Road milling and planing cutter ,crusher carbide plate,Farm Machinery Parts,Wood Chipper Cutters etc.Our products selling well in domestic market and exported to the United States,Canada,Australia,Russia,South Africa,South America ,EU,Korea,Japan,Vietnam,India etc and have a good reputation.......MORE

Zhuzhou Goldrill  Drilling Tools Machinery Co.,Ltd.  
Add: Dong Jia Duan,LuSong area, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China
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